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Chandler has also sold numerous autographed photos for 50 apiece and. Ebay frequently took items down sometimes due to trolls but more often due to chris.

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A comprehensive history 2018.

Christian weston chandler autograph. To most however it is a poorly drawn and written comic book series about the adventures and travels that befall him and his imaginary friends despite starting out as a comic about the titular character it quickly turned into a wish fulfillment outlet for chris and his. Chris spent about one year selling his arts and crafts on ebay but was never satisfied with the arrangement. Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade vintage and craft items and supplies.

Chris as a buyer. No local pickup available at the personal risk of myself the original creator and artist. Identified as christian sonichu chandler.

Around late 2007 christian became a trolling target by encyclopedia dramatica and 4chan due to his low quality body of work unusual behaviors and extreme reactions to hostility. Christopher weston chandler also known as chris chan and cwc is a youtube vlogger and creator of the webcomic sonichu. During the megan saga megan often got chris to buy her stuff pictures of world war ii wehrmacht soldiers anime cds sailor moon paraphernalia from ebay probably because she didn t have a credit card herself.

Christine weston chandler actress. Christine weston chandler was born on february 24 1982 in charlottesville virginia usa as christopher weston chandler. She is known for her work on shrek retold 2018 christian weston chandler documentary 2015 and chris chan.

Autism r chrischansonichu christian weston chandler sonichu chrischan cwcville sonic picachu autistic virgin with rage autismautism r chrischansonichu christian weston chandler sonichu chrischan cwcville. No requests for photograph content will be accepted. Christian weston chandler is a celebrity though why may not immediately be clear.

Sonichu is christian weston chandler s official life work magnum opus and largest contribution to society and culture. His many ebay purchases helped chris accumulate a debt of 2 000 on his credit card. Christian weston chandler b.

Christopher christian christine weston chandler sonichu born 24 february 1982 is a 38 year old autistic mentally ill individual a former virgin with rage and a self proclaimed deity he is commonly referred to by his initials cwc by his nickname chris chan or simply the gender neutral chris he looks kind of like a cartoon version of benjamin franklin come to life and is considered to be. He s never written a bestseller recorded a platinum album invented or discovered anything of note or committed a significant crime. Chris bought a number of my little pony action figures from the site.

So in c 197 i christine weston chandler formerly known as christian at the time in 2008 literally rocked the 4cent garbage building down in the good names of each and every victimized individual of cyberbullying and bullying. Straight from the creator and artist christian weston chandler myself you may now have a more current headshot photograph of the artist complete with his personal autograph and optional message. On 29 august 2015 chris created an account to sell his wares ending a long and turbulent tenure as an ebay seller.

I want to send chris fan mail asking for a drawing or autograph where do i send the letter or email.

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