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The actress was the original choice for willow but there was something off about her. Obviously hannigan gained a lot from that role moving onto the popular sitcom how i met your mother we wonder if regan thinks that could ve been her on the show instead if she d stuck around.

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He would sit outside the prince with a group of friends that included riff regan the singer with punk band london who toured.

Riff regan autograph. Riff regan who appeared in the pilot just wasn t working for them. No ofs need apply. Riff regan was originally signed on to play the role of willow rosenberg.

For the pilot principal flutie was played by stephen tobolowsky. Riff regan left buffy the vampire slayer. I chatted and got his autograph on an article that was in the evening news that afternoon regarding nod s wife leandra giving birth to their first daughter charisse.

In the series ken lerner played a more emotionally overt principal flutie. She had enjoyed a recurring role as young georgie in the tv show sisters for a whopping 72 episodes but the part of willow was just not meant to be for riff regan. The abbreviations had been necessary to keep the price down.

Riff regan left buffy the vampire slayer another actor who never got to enjoy what buffy the vampire slayer had to offer was riff regan. Alyson hannigan riff regan was already a bit of a star before she starred in the buffy the vampire slayer pilot as willow rosenberg. Also apparently eliza was the best kisser sorry lee.

Here are the stories behind some big tv roles that were recast after the pilot. Someone asked him if he d spoken to riff regan the original willow and he said no but sarah was at a party a few years ago and riff was working there bit rough on her really. My autograph also said ole on it he must get bored writing that all day.

In the current climate of subjugation one might argue that this has been going on for much longer we can t help but feel that the darkness of judgment isolationism bigotry deliberate advertising and. This is what happened to riff regan in the debut episode of buffy the vampire slayer before alyson hannigan was cast in willow s role. The network later recast the role for the series with alyson hannigan.

In casting they specifically looked for someone who had a more natural look and were impressed by alyson hannigan who brought an unbelievable tenderness and vulnerability to the role. I couldn t believe it when i saw it was don. I d decided to use the more rock n roll sounding name riff regan.

Call riff on nw stood for new wave of meant old farts which was the accepted way then of weeding out hippy drummers. She says that the judge was a fan of the show and signed the order if she could get a. Tv pilots are a tricky business and one of the key elements is casting.

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